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NEQ Trading International d.o.o., Zadar

Consulting, executing, analysing, representing fresh & frozen for the benefit of the F&V Producers/Exporters

Key Competences: Expertise in understanding EU Fresh and Frozen Fruit and Vegetables (F&V) market needs and tendencies. Expertise in evaluating and selecting F&V producers/exporters, and building their competencies in cooperation with respectable local experts, in order to meet the requirements of EU F&V wholesalers and retailers. Expertise in Match Making between companies from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries/selected member countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and European buyers. Expertise in providing representation services.

Key Areas of Competence: International trade relations and business support for F&V organizations. New business development for SME’s from CEE countries, and selected CIS member countries. Policy recommendations for Governmental and sectoral organisations. F&V supply chain and value chain development. Practical sector training for companies and business support organizations on market and buyer requirements, logistics, food safety and sustainability issues.

Company Profile

The Company, founded 1990, reflects different roles and activities of its initiator, who has been active in the international vegetable- and fruit industry for more than 35 years. Even more, the Company is a nexus of knowledge, competencies, and reputation that are steadily built as part of international network to trade, import and export their producers’/exporters’ products, involving expert partners from various EU countries, as well as different CEE countries. We understand that trust, carefulness, expediency and good customer contacts upstream and downstream of value chain are of extraordinary importance.

The primary objective of the Company is to provide consultancy & counselling developed more and more to value chain development, producer empowering, company coaching and market access requirement advice, and when needed, representative for selected producers/exporters can be coupled. Such a formula enables producers/exporters and their business support organisations to make use of our experience, knowledge and competencies in the business, international networks and stay up to date in the present market. Being personally involved in all transactions, we aim to offer an outstanding service and an optimum quality to our customers. It is based on personal connections with F&V suppliers and consumers in South- Central-, Northern- and Eastern Europe, guaranteeing a very high delivery reliability.

Our Mission is to commit to exports of quality fruits and vegetables to EU market through inducting the EEC/SIC players/exporters in the international value chains. Our Vision is to be the most trustful and beneficial consultancy address for the F&V producers/exporters, primarily in the EEC region. Therefore, our core values can be identified in ACCEQII formula: Accountability - we take responsibilities for our actions; Collaboration:  we recognize the importance of developing partnerships with local experts in providing best possible outcomes; Commitment: we are committed to delivering the best through our actions; Empowerment: we believe in increase of degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and organisations in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority, based on our behalf on best information we can provide them with; Quality: we promise our efforts aiming to provide the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction; Innovation: we encourage and contribute to develop innovative patterns of making F&V business (e.g. assortment providing variety, packaging); Integrity: we act in a honest way, not compromising the truth.


The key services we provide are consulting, counselling, representations, couching, and training. Specifically, we focus on:


The projects we provide are (prepared and executed in collaboration with different partners):


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