“If a beauty contest were held among Croatia’s coastal resorts, then Rovinj would win every time.”  ABTA magazine
Rovinj, the “Blue Pearl of the Adriatic”, is one of the most picturesque towns in the Mediterranean. Part of the Venetian Empire for over 500 years, the old town is perched on a pear-shaped peninsula high up on a hill, crowded with Venetian terracotta-roofed houses and crowned by the 18th century Church of St Euphemia, whose bell tower dominates Rovinj’s skyline.

Maistra especially stands out among many hotels in Croatia thanks to the quality of its hotels, the extensive offer of various amenities and impeccable service. If you wish to spend a pleasant holiday on the Istrian Peninsula
Hotel Park is situated right by the shore above the marina, offering a delightful view of Rovinj’s old town and the island of Sv. Katarina. Combining the location in the immediate vicinity of the town with the relaxed surroundings of the forest and organized seaside promenades, the hotel is characterized by both urban and holiday attributes. The hotel’s offer comprises a wide range of holiday amenities and services, including its swimming pools offering a view of the town and a beautiful promenade with a series of restaurants and bars below the hotel. The hotel also has a highly equipped congress center.


CB Aperitiv bar Zaton (Zadar)
Turisthotel d.d. Zadar
Zaton Holiday Village The best autocamp in Croatia for 2008.” With more thane 10.000 tourists located in appartments or mobile homes attracts to main street Kalelarga for coctails in Aperitiv bar or restaurants

Bar is well decorated with NEQ’s set Infinity and Casale chairs in white color version.

NEQ insalled Zumex in Rovinj
Zumex juicers installed at ther Hotel Istra At the little island called Red. Hotel Istra is part of Maistra Hotels Rovinj Vrsar.

Maistra d.d. member of ADRIS GROUP

Hotel Istra is situated on one of the most beautiful islands of the Rovinj Archipelago, on the island of Sv. Andrija, only ten minutes by boat from Rovinj. The hotel and the island make a magnificent oasis of peace created for rest and relaxation. The hotel’s modern design harmoniously incorporated in the natural surroundings, the beautiful gravelly and rocky beaches, the preserved cultural heritage in the Old Castle, the spectacular wellness center, kilometers of organized promenades and full traffic isolation make this hotel unique.


SPA Hotels and Resort Novi uses Zumex
SPA Hotels and Resort Novi, Novi VinodolskiNOVI SPA – the biggest SPA Centre in Europe

Hotel Mlini, Dubrovnik HUP Zagreb Hotel Mlini, Dubrovnik
Hotels Mlini is a hotel and tourist company with its headquarters in the resort Mlini located 10 km from Dubrovnik. The company owns the hotels Mlini and Astarea with totally 446 rooms.
The hotels are located closely at the sea in the picturesque bay of Župa, far away from the traffic noise and in spite of this so close to the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik and the marina Ćilipi. The hotel MLINI is very suitable for the guests expecting a friendly, familiar atmosphere of a small hotel and the first class cuisine.

Hotel Plat Dubrovnik

Plat hotels and villas are situated at the far south end of croatia, in its most lovely county. Conveniently placed between Dubrovnik, 12 km distance, and Cavtat 8 km as well as Dubrovnik airport, it gives You possibility to change tranquility for more active time, be at the same time distant and so near to the crowd and excitements of one of the most beautiful towns, Dubrovnik.

35th International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair
14.-19.10.2008. Hala 8, štand 13AMBIENTA – International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair, is a very powerful meeting point of all relevant subjects in the field of wood processing and furniture industry – producers, experts, designers, scientists, businessmen, end consumers and specialized media, and a very significant marketing incentive for development of home wood and furniture industry.
NEQ on Ambienta Fair
Zagreb 2008

Martina Zubčić, bronze Peking Olympics
and her mom Jadranka visited NEQs stand.

TIFON gas stations and Zumex Versatile D podium DAILY FRESH at main Zagreb street Ilica (Zagreb) DUBROVNIK PALACE HOTEL, Zumex
Versatile D podium
NEQ plazni
Restoran, pizzeria, lounge bar “Prosikito & Calimero”, Zagreb  (Robert Prosinecki). Terasa hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreba Restoran Lungomare Zadar, Tende su idealne a postaju optimalnije rješenje uz pomoć našeg Paraflex suncobrana Rajska plaža, Lopar, otok Rab
Suncobrani Parenzo i ležaljke Adria
Komunalno poduzeće LOPAR VRUTAK d.o.o. Lopar, Rab
Fairs and Exchibitions
Sajam GAST Split 2007
Sajam MAR Split 2006
Sajam AMBIENTA Zagreb 2005
 Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb
MALA KAVANA Trg Bana Jelačića, Zagreb
PETIT Petrićeva, Zagreb
DAILY FRESH Ilica, Zagreb
RITZ Jurišićeva, Zagreb
CHARLIE Gajeva, Zagreb
Restoran OKRUGLJAK (terasa), Zagreb
Restoran MANO, Medvedgradska (terasa), Zagreb
Restoran VINODOL (terasa), Zagreb
Restoran Lungomare Zadar
u Petrčanima, Zadar
Zadar Airport Zadar

Mala kavana, Zagreb
Ban Jelačić square
(Havana chair)
Servus, Zagreb
Tkalčićeva ulica
Charlie, Zagreb
Gajeva ulica
Airport of Zadar Hotelu Pinija Petrčani
Kavana Poklisar Dubrovnik Hotel Mlini, Dubrovnik Hotel Plat Dubrovnik
NEQ i Poklisar
Sun shiels NEQ Atena at the caffe
Poklisar Dubrovniku
HUP Zagreb Hotel Mlini
Mlini, Dubrovnik
Hotel Plat

NEQ begins distribution of exclusive line QUEEN’s also for yachts and ships